Fabrizio Romano on Declan Rice: “Arsenal really want to get it done”

FabrizioRomano on Declan Rice: “Arsenal really want to get it done also because Granit Xhaka is going to Leverkusen and the priority of Arsenal is Declan Rice. 

“They are speaking to the player side, they are speaking to West Ham, they will make a bid after the Conference League final. They want to respect West Ham, of course, but right after, Arsenal are prepared to make a bid.

“It’s true that there is also Bayern interest, but at the moment it’s not that advanced, so Arsenal still feel they are the favourites to sign Declan Rice. 

“But again, this is not something guaranteed yet. From what I understand, we had some reports in England the last two, three days that Rice already made it clear that he only wants to join Arsenal. I’m told this is not clear yet. 

“I was speaking to some sources and they told me be careful because Declan Rice is keeping all the options open. Of course, Arsenal is a concrete option but this is not 100% guaranteed yet. So I think this is still an open race.

“They want more than £100m for Rice so this going to be a big fight, but for sure Arsenal are in the race.”

It was also reported from various other sources that the West Ham United Captain is keen on a move to Arsenal.

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